We deliver a stable supply base and competitive component costs and lead times.

Creating a product can get really complex once it’s time to get to the details. We have decades of experience in making the complex very simple. Let us manage sourcing and procuring all of the required components and raw materials needed to make your product while keeping your cost targets in mind.

Beyond supplying competitively priced components, we are committed to only purchasing components from reputable sources approved by our sourcing experts. This is critical to making sure counterfeit parts do not enter our supply chain and damage your product or your brand.

Our efficient supply chain management services ensure that the cost, quantity, and quality of your product’s materials will be sustained at a consistent level. Our goal is to mitigate risk and provide you with dependable costs and lead times that you can build your business around.

tooling and sample creation

Tooling & Samples

We meet rigorous pre-production standards so that your design can be produced at a high level of quality.

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increase manufacturing production

Scaling to Full Production

We work with you to determine the best plan for your product’s production schedule.

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