We deliver a plan for flexible production quantities and schedules that meets the unique requirements of your business.

There is no “one size fits all” approach in manufacturing. There are many different variables that will affect the production plan for your specific product. These variables depend on flexibility, risk mitigation, and price. For instance, is component pricing more important than lead-time? Is your design finalized or will you be making a running change? These types of trade-offs and decisions will impact the final cost of your product and the methods required to produce it. We consult with you to help accurately define your organization's needs and determine the best lean manufacturing plan for your product.

You may require small pre-production lots to gain traction within your market before ramping up. We understand these needs and will work with you to scale up together. On the flip side, you may have quick success after market launch and find that demand is high for your product. Our production facility can scale as quickly as you do to ensure you have the right amount of product to meet your demand.