We deliver your product development roadmap.

Turning a product idea concept into a physical product is hard. This is especially true when it comes to designing and manufacturing electronic products.

Let us create your new product introduction plan

Designing and manufacturing an electronic product is easier when it starts with a solid product development strategy. We create this strategy for you with a product development roadmap and a new product introduction plan.

As an electronic contract manufacturer, our team of experts will develop a product strategy to design and build your electronic product. When creating your product roadmap, our team will review your budget and timeline to ensure a successful product launch.

Your new product introduction (NPI) plan will cover the entire scope of work including:

  • 3D industrial design renderings
  • detailed product requirements
  • BOM analysis
  • overall budget
  • delivery schedule

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What is new product introduction (NPI)?

New product introduction (NPI) programs vary from company to company. At MH Manufacturing, our NPI program covers all aspects of defining, developing, manufacturing, and distributing your new or improved electronic product. Learn more about why a well-planned product development strategy is important to building a product.

Our NPI process

It’s important to have a practical understanding of the entire product development process before introducing your idea to the market. This will ensure reasonable expectations throughout the entire timeline of developing your electronic product.

Our NPI process in six steps

  1. Create your product development roadmap
    We will work diligently with you to create a NPI process that works for your timeline and budget.
  2. Begin design engineering and prototyping
    Our in-house engineering team will assess and prototype your product design to ensure it is designed for manufacturing.
  3. Setup tooling and receive samples
    We meet rigorous pre-production standards so that your design can be produced at a high quality level.
  4. Optimize your electronic product’s supply chain
    We will keep your costs on track with a stable supply base of your product’s components and materials.
  5. Scale to production in our wholly-owned China manufacturing facility
    We work with you to determine the best plan for your product’s production schedule.
  6. Distribute your product globally
    We provide our customers access to our China factory warehouse and 3PL warehouses in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, CA. Our logistics team has experience shipping electronic products to locations around the globe.

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Our electronic manufacturing services are designed for new and existing products within consumer, industrial, medical, and home automation industries.

We’ve partnered with many businesses, including multinational companies, to design and manufacture their electronics products. Our customers demand market price and have high expectations in every aspect of the design, development, and manufacturing of their product.

Manufacturing your product is a huge decision that can make or break your company. Therefore, cost should not be the only factor when choosing your CM. Read our 6 tips on how to select an electronics manufacturer to build your product.

As an electronics manufacturer, one of our core competencies is our new product introduction process. We want to see your product vision come to life and do not compromise quality to achieve that. Our product development process is rock solid so that you can plan your business goals around it.

Our team and your dedicated account manager will be with you every stage of the process. We pride ourselves in being transparent throughout the entire process.

We openly invite customers to visit our China factory for due diligence and at other important stages in the production timeline. We want to ensure your product quality and overall experience with us is exceptional.

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