We deliver US-based engineering and prototyping services with a seamless transition to our overseas manufacturing team.

Every electronic device requires engineering throughout the product development phase. Engineering is used in designing the product, preparing it for manufacturing and production, and guaranteeing quality through full scale testing.

If your current product design is lacking in any of these areas, our engineering team is here to help. We provide electronic product design and manufacturing services for a variety of products including medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial products.

Our customers have access to our very capable team of engineers that can take the lead on the product development effort. In addition, we lend supplemental design engineering services to other teams looking to outsource their engineering.

Our goal is to have your final product be the best that it can be.

About our Engineering Team

Our California based engineering team is made up of hardware, firmware / software, mechanical, and electrical engineering design experts.

We specialize in designing turnkey electronic devices for consumer, industrial, and medical applications. Our services cover:

  • Custom electronic devices
  • PCB design services and assemblies
  • Turnkey and complete box builds

Our team is very knowledgeable of the entire product development process. Therefore, we are well-versed in helping our customers consider all aspects of their product design. We help our customers create a design that is optimized for their budget, timeframe, and the manufacturing line. Learn more by watching our video:

Electronic Design Services

  • New product introduction
  • Electrical hardware design
  • Firmware and software design
  • Mechanical engineering and industrial design
  • Electrical test development
  • Prototyping

Interested to see how we can help you with our electronic design services? Get started by telling us about your product.

Engineering Design Process

Our engineering design process varies depending on the level of engineering support your product needs. A simplified overview of our engineering design process is as follows:

  1. Review product design requirements
  2. Create or review any existing design documents
  3. Design prototypes and working demos of your product
  4. Package all product elements to be sent to our manufacturing facility for pre-production

All of the stages in our engineering design process require full collaboration between our engineering team and your product development team. Through our process, we refine and optimize your product’s performance. We also ensure that all functional requirements laid out in the scope of work are met.

Engineering Design Services - Design for Manufacturability

Part of our engineering design services includes preparing your design for manufacturing (DFM). This means that your product design is optimized to be produced at a large scale in a production facility setting.

DFM engineering saves time and money within the product development phase. When you design your product to fit within manufacturing and assembly limitations, your product maintains a high level of quality. This is because minimal or no changes are needed to the design once it transitions from engineering to production. Minimal changes keep your product development timeline on track and on budget.

Our expertise lies in creating products designed for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA). We work with our manufacturing team, based in China, during the development phase to ensure a seamless transition for your product.

Partner with MH MFG to get your product out into the market. Ready to start the conversation? Submit a quick overview of your current product and any engineering support you may need.

EMS Engineering Services Overview

  • Electrical Design

    • Schematic Design
    • Printed Circuit Board Design including: PCB layout, PCB Testing
    • Design Verification Testing (DVT)
  • Embedded Software Design

    • Device Drivers
    • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors (Bare Metal, RTOS, OS)
    • Embedded Graphical User Interface Design
    • Wireless Design and Development for Connected IoT
  • Prototypes

    • 3D printing for Industrial Design
  • Test Fixture Design

    • Develop and Design Test Fixture
    • In-Circuit Testing and Programming
    • Functional Testing