We deliver US-led engineering and prototyping services with a seamless transition to our overseas manufacturing team.

Do you need additional design engineering assistance to ensure your product is the best it can be? When you partner with MH MFG, you'll have access to a team of engineers that can either complement your team’s skill or take the lead on the product development effort. Our in-house engineering team, based in California, is comprised of hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical engineering experts that know how to design for manufacturing.

As part of our engineering design process, you will receive iterations of prototypes to refine and optimize your product’s performance. We collaborate with you to create working demos of your product, including the graphical user interface (GUI), to ensure the product design meets all performance expectations and functional requirements laid out in the scope of work.

The engineering stage of the product development process is often the most time-consuming. However, great engineering produces great products. Upon completion of this phase, you are ready to enter pre-production.